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Headquartered in Istanbul, Horeca Architecture Design, Project and Application Management, has been providing consultancy, equipment, project and application products and services together with its group companies for 22 years in countries such as Turkey, Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Far East countries, continuing its activities within the "GoGastro" group of companies.

Horeca Architecture, carries out the customer target audience-oriented interior design, concept and application management of the menu and concepts that are to be determined in accordance with the main requirements and to be developed together with the food and beverage, investor and/or business candidates; It performs its services with its competent and innovative staff specialized in their fields.

Horeca Architecture, also provides franchise management of some of the leading and specialized food and beverage business brands (Turkish Cuisine, Turkish Steakhouse, Meat-Kebab, Börek, Coffee…etc) throughout Turkey, as well as, provides wide range of services starting from the process of creating a brand according to customer demand, corporate identity, concept projects, purchasing of equipment and, importing/exporting, where necessary, including the creation of kitchen, lounge and management staff, and the commissioning of the business, providing all services in a very wide geography together with its group companies.

Ferah Güneri BİRCAN
g:+90(532)415 32 47
e: fgbircan@horecamimarlik.com
HORECA Mimarlık Tasarım, Proje ve Uygulama Yönetimi
t:+90 (216) 415 4262 (pbx)
f:+90 (216) 314 3451
Keyap Çarşı F-1 Blok N 91
Yukarı Dudullu 34775 Ümraniye - İSTANBUL

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